The Voice of String

String 好聲音 : Unleash Your Vocal Brilliance at Club String

Welcome to the ultimate singing extravaganza at Club String—the Singing Contest that will leave you breathless! Get ready to unleash your vocal prowess and set the stage on fire at “String 好聲音,” also known as “The Voice of String.” Join us on January 20, 2024, for a night of electrifying live band music and extraordinary performances.

We are now accepting nominations for this super fun event. If you know someone with exceptional vocal talent, nominate them to be part of this thrilling competition. The grand prize includes $5,000 String Cash Voucher and a Dom Perignon 2010.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to witness remarkable talents and be part of the music magic at Club String’s Singing Contest. Nominate someone today and let their voice steal the spotlight.